Operating System Questions & Answers – Deadlock

An operating system (OS) is software that manages computer hardware and software resources while also providing common functions to computer programmes.Time-sharing operating systems plan tasks to make the most of the system’s resources, and they may also contain accounting software to track the cost of processing time, storage, printing, and other resources.Although application code is … Read more

Selenium MCQ Questions and Answers

Selenium Questions and Answers 1. which is not a Selenium Component ? 2. who doesn’t support programming ? 3. Which programming languages does not Selenium allow to use? 4. By which browser Selenium IDE is supported ? 5. In WebDriver__________command can be used to enter values onto text boxes? 6. SelectAllOptions() is a valid command … Read more

Spring Boot interview questions for 7 years experience

Spring Boot interview questions for 7 years experience 1) List minimum requirements for Spring boot System? 2) What are the various features of Spring Boot? 3) What do Dev Tools in Spring boot mean? 4) Would we be able to Use Spring Boot with Applications Which Are Not Using Spring? 5) What does Actuator in … Read more

Angular 2 Interview Questions

Angular 2 Interview Questions 1) What do you mean by a structural directive in Angular 2? 2) Explain the concept of lazy loading in Angular 2? 3) What does Angular 2 hashtags in template mean? 4) What is Angular 2 ? 5) List the key components of Angular 2 ? 6) When to use Ngoninit … Read more

PostgreSQL Interview Questions

PostgreSQL Interview Questions 1)  What will be the new characteristics of Postgre 9.1? 2) List different datatypes of Postgresql? 3) What are tokens in PostgreSQL? 4) List different advantages of Postgresql? 5) How are the stats updated in Postgresql? 6) What is multi-version control in PostgreSQL? 7) What are string constants in PostgreSQL? 8) Provide … Read more

Plc Interview Questions and Answers

Plc Interview Questions 1) What is PLC? 2) What are different components Of PLC? 3) What are various applications of PLC? 4) Who are leading suppliers of PLC? 5) What is redundancy in PLC? 6) What is an HMI in PLC? 7) What is SCAN in PLC? 8) List the advantages of PLC over Relays? … Read more